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Little Things Matter Much is about arriving at, asking, and then attempting to answer the question:
What is the scope for the philosophical blossoming of adults when they enter children’s playfully constructed worlds as guests?

Accompanied by a diverse group of children, the author set out to find a ‘child-friendly’ approach to teaching philosophy and arrived at a childist understanding of philosophy as play. Play as something akin to the Norwegian verb å leke or the Portuguese verb brincar. In doing so – ignorance, incompleteness and immaturity of her adult-self became obvious and her power as a ‘knowledgeable’ adult simply dissolved. She discovered that when children play/philosophise, they perform embodied thought experiments in motion in a way that brings counter-factual realities to life.


Philosophising/playing ‘with’ (Norwegian: hos/ German: bei) children requires adults to slow down, scale down and cool down more often than one currently manages. In doing so, one can start nearing the possibility of - preparing for unpredictable futures and shouldering responsibilities in the face of the greatest challenges of the overheated world. For adults in privileged nations, this is a more realistic possibility than those in the majority world. And it need not cost much.


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Tanu Biswas: Little Things Matter Much

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